Development of conteinerization

1. Port, the element of transport network;
2. Development of unitization;
3. The evolution on containerization;
4. Freight containers;
5. Container ship;
6. Container handling equipment;
7. Container terminals;
8. Container information application;
9. Pavement in container terminal;
10. Port terminals maintenance;
11. Port operation and management of a containers terminal;
12. Environmental aspects;
Professor Romeo Ciortan, Ph.D, is a member of the Romanian Academy of Technical Sciences and one of Romania`s representatives at the International Association of Navigation. He is also a member of national and international scientific societies, technical expert in the fields of hydrotechnical works, ports, marine platforms, foundations, earth massif stability and environmental protection.
He started his technical activity in the field of port works immediately after graduating, in 1968, the Faculty of Hydrotechnics of the Technical University of Constructions in Bucharest, where he also elaborated his doctoral thesis.
Through 46 years of engineering, he has successfully combined the continual design work within the Design Institute for Road, Water and Air Transport (IPTANA) with scientific research and teaching. He is a professor within the OVIDIUS University of Constanta, teaching the courses of Port Hydrotechnical Constructions and Coastal Engineering and also within the Technical University of Constructions in Bucharest. He participates in doctoral committees and boards of examiners, he is a coordinator for doctoral and diploma projects and dissertations,
The results of this work are embedded in the large volume of projects produced or coordinated within IPTANA, where he is still operating today. The experience thus acquired as well his original contributions in the field are found in more than 200 specialized scientific papers that he elaborated, presented and published nationally and internationally, as well as in published books.
Born in Constanta, he remains faithful to this city through his activity in the field of port development, construction of shipbuilding yards on the Black Sea shore, coastal engineering and seashore protection.

The book “The Development of Containerization” deals with the main problems encountered in this field, focusing on port, the element of transport network, development of unitization, evolution of containerization, containers and container ships, container handling equipment, container terminals, pavement, organization and maintenance, as well as environmental aspects.

I am grateful to my former teachers and thank my collaborators, colleagues, students and friends, who have made it possible to compose this book that would hopefully be useful to specialists involved in port technologies or in connection therewith.