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CEE Regional Energy Experts Met at FOREN 2014 in Bucharest - Romania.
The Regional Energy Forum for Central and Eastern Europe - FOREN 2014 with the theme “Energy for tomorrow - from vision to reality“ took place at the Palace of Parliament, Bucharest - Romania between 22 - 26 June 2014.
The event was organised by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council, under the auspices of the World Energy Council - London Office, in collaboration with the WEC Member Committees of Central - Eastern European region.
Having been organised every two years by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council (RNC-WEC), FOREN has already become a key traditional event for the Romanian and European energy community and is now at its
12th edition - FOREN 2014 -.
The main issues of the today’s and tomorrow’s energy were debated during FOREN 2014 by the 730 delegates among whom: policy makers from private and state companies in the energy industry, top executives and members of WEC National Committees from the CEE region, high ranking officials from governmental, local and regional authorities, policy makers from national and foreign energy companies, leading representatives of academia and education, investors and developers, renowned experts from research, development and ITC institutes. Over 200 noteworthy personalities in the energy field led the 13 main events and the 5 technical communication sessions of FOREN 2014, as chairs, secretaries, members and speakers.
With the subject «Tomorrow’s Energy: From Vision to Reality», FOREN 2014 brought together CEOs and top level experts from over 15 countries and addressed the topical issues on the latest technological developments in the energy, oil, gas, coal, nuclear, renewable fields and analysed the economic and political decisions to be made in order to change energy vision into reality.

A Wide Range of Events

FOREN 2014 included a wide range of events: 12 Important Events (The Regional Energy Day, Two Keynote Addresses, (KA), The Energy Trilemma Event, Four Round Tables at Forum Level (RTF), three Workshops at Forum Level (WF), five Discussion Sessions (DS), an extensive exhibition space highlighting the latest technological developments and trends, as well as an interesting technical and touristic programme.
A number of 189 speakers, among whom ministers, leaders of the energy industry, experts and researchers, regulators, prominent personalities of the academic world, representatives of Romanian and foreign NGOs went in depth the most topical technical problems of the regional energy sector, asking questions and offering pertinent answers and solutions in its five Technical Discussion Sessions, among which:
-Energy Trilemma: how do countries and policy makers address the three core dimensions of energy sustainability: energy security, social equity and environmental impact mitigation
- Energy Markets: market vs. planning, stability vs. flexibility, role of the Transmission and Distribution Operators in energy markets
-National Policies and Objectives regarding the integration in EU Energy - Environment Policy
-Energy Efficiency: improvement methods, utilisation of EU funds for energy efficiency increase in areas with a large potential of energy saving
-Nuclear Energy: present and future, compliance tests after Fukushima, nuclear power plants flexibility
-Oil and Natural Gas: conventional and unconventional sources, price policy at the global market, transportation, storage and distribution infrastructure, financial mechanisms, role of shale oil and gas in the energy industry
-Coal and Clean Coal Technologies

Within the 12 Important Events organised at FOREN 2014, a special focus was laid upon the following topics:
Best policies for energy security, supply and demand. Tomorrow`s energy of Central and Eastern Europe (Regional Energy Day)
Energy markets (KA 1)
Global Energy Resources: WEC Energy Scenarios and Regional Perspectives (KA 2)
Role of Stakeholders (Governments, Energy Business,
Civil Society, International Organizations) to solve up the Energy Trilemma. Overview on Strategic Programs at European and Regional Level (Policy Trilemma)
Nuclear Energy: Requirements, Advantages and Risks (RTF1)
Smart Solutions for Energy Supply (RTF 2)
Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development in the CEE region (RTF 3)
Fossil Fuels and Sustainable Development in the Region (RTF 4)
Regional Cooperation between Scientific Organizations and Universities (WSS 1)
Energy Efficiency - Policies, Measures, Best Practices (WSS 2)
Energy Resources and Technologies. Cleaner Fossil Plants (WSS 3)

By a special event, FOREN 2014 marked the 90th anniversary of the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council setting up. Romania was one of the Founding States of the World Energy Council ever since its foundation, in July 1924, when the first World Power Conference took place at Wembley, further to the invitations launched in 1923 by lord Daniel Dunlop to several countries in the world.

An interesting international Future Energy Leaders (FEL) workshop focused on “Energy in a Changing World“ was also organised by the Future Energy Leaders Programme of Romania - FEL Romania.

Three meetings of the WEC Study Committees took place within FOREN 2014:
World Energy Trilemma Study Group Meeting
Workshop: Global Electricity Initiative (GEI)
World Energy Resources Study Group: Knowledge Network (KN) on Hydropower

FOREN 2014 Exhibition was organised by 32 national and international companies and was an attraction point for all delegates.
The Energy Anthem, specially created for FOREN 2014 was also launched, as a premiere, of FOREN events and became the leitmotif of the Conference.
Prizes were awarded to the best paper delivered during the five Technical Discussion Sessions and a special prize was also awarded to the Future Energy Leaders (FEL) Session.

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